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How much does it cost to automate my pool and spa?

Automating your pool and spa is a great way to better enjoy it by providing ease of use since turning valves and flipping switches can get confusing for most people.

It starts by looking at what you have and what you want to automate.

- Does your pool have an attached spa?

- Do you have a variable speed pool pump?

- Do you have a gas heater?

- Do you have solar pool heating?

- Do you have pool lights?

- Do you have LED color changing pool lights?

- Do you have a water feature?

- Do you have a salt water chlorine generator?

- Do you have multiple pumps?

- Do you have an automatic pool vacuum sweep?

- Do you want to a control? Hard wired? Wireless? Smart Phone? Tablet? Computer?

- What brand of equipment do you have?

- Do you want to be able to control other things such as landscape lighting?

As you can see, when you talk about pool automation, there is not a one size fits all.

It is best in this case to consult with a pool professional to help you navigate through what system is best suited for you and your budget.

That said, pricing can range from $300.00 to $4,000.00 as an average. For this kind of investment, you want to be exactly sure you explore all of the options. Again, best to consult with a professional. We have seen far too many times that people purchase the incorrect system or that it is not compatible with their existing system.

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