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Can I use the HERO program for my pool?

Yes, but only on specific items.

The HERO Program, which stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, is a great, government backed, zero money down, loan program which is repaid through your property taxes. There may also be some tax deduction benefits that can help lower your income taxes. Consult with your accountant.

On the HERO Program website, you will find a list of approved items. The items must be on that approved list in order to qualify for the program. Those products must help lower energy and conserve water, so it is fairly broad. For swimming pools, a variable speed pool pump, efficient natural gas pool heater, solar pool heating panels, automatic pool covers, and heat pumps qualify. But remember the products to be used must be on the approved list by part and model number. In some cased you can include other items so long as they are a necessary part of the approved, installed product.

There is a $5,000.00 minimum for a HERO project but you can bundle different products and trades into one package. For example, you can install a new pool heater, upgrade your window, and install PV solar panels and artificial turf in the same loan package.

HERO does a great job letting contractors to ensure that their clients do not get taken advantage of. Payan Pool Service, Inc., is a proud HERO Program Contractor.

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