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Is pool maintenance a membership contract or a per-cleaning cost?

Not all pool companies have the same policies and offerings, but there are many common practices.

Speaking only for Payan Pool Service, Inc., we have a detailed service agreement contract that outlines what our responsibilities are and what the client’s responsibilities are so there in no confusion.

We come up with a service rate that takes into account many factors and we figure our costs into the equation. Once that is set, it becomes a recurring monthly charge. Other items such as filter cleanings, equipment maintenance, or repairs are charged separately. Our service contacts can be terminated with a 30 day written notice from either party.

We don’t typically do a per-cleaning charge or one time deals. Usually there is more under the surface with these types of arrangements. We do, however offer consultation services that can result into a one-time deal. This is the fairest way to go so that everybody gets a fair deal.

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